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1/2 Day:
4 Hour Trip

Our most popular trip!

This trip gives adequate time to fish the wide variety of pelagic game fish off the Fort Lauderdale coast $800 per group or $175 Per Person for half day shared charter.

8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm

3/4 Day:
6 Hour Trip:

One of Captain’s Favorites!

The 6 hour, $1100 trip provides the captain with enough time to incorporate his unique style of fishing!

Full Day:
8 Hour Trip

Target Fishing!

This trip allows the captain to target specific fish. Provides the time to hit spots that you couldn’t on shorter trips. $1450

Day Swordfishing

10 Hour Fishing Trip!

This 10hr trip allows the captain to also target other fish like marlin, wahoo and mahi-mahi… full spectrum fishing!

Island / Bahama Excursions

A 3 Day Trip!

Offers epic views and the widest range of fishing opportunities. The type of fish the captain targets is dependent of the time of year.

Night Swordfishing

Traditional Style Swordfishing!

This 10hr trip leaves in the late afternoon and returns in the early morning hours!

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